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Learn why he's finally dropping Double D, and the story behind the project.

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Addek's Double D


Addek has been hiding underground while recording sporadic music including, Jena Niggaz, Da Force, Don't Forget, and collabing with Cunnin Lynguists (Don't Leave - theAftermath), and last appearing on the release Absolute Power (Grown Man) in 2009.

Realityhiphop.com has been sitting on a massive amount of unreleased material some of which Addek leaked on his MySpace Page. We are officially releasing Everytime the first single on the upcoming release. Join our mailing list for show information, downloads, and release dates.
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RealityHipHop.com is home of Tampa's illest Underground Hip Hop Music. The premier spot for alternative hip hop music. RealityHipHop.com was Founded 8 years ago by longtime collaborator, and revolutionary hip hop activist Addek.

A well known hip hop artist, producer, and songwriter among the Tampa hip hop scene. Apostle P.K. has been producing beats, backgrounds, soundscapes, and scores for years, and has been a musician since childhood.

Addek is Tampa's most conscious hip hop M.C. he has been writing and producing the illest protest art and protest music in the form of political hip hop since 1990. Together they forged their own independent hip hop label based out of Tampa with a global footprint. Some have even described Addek's music as Revolutionary Hip Hop. Reality HipHop.com is the provider in the Tampa hip hop world with many anticipated projects in the works incuding a new mixtape. While many other wanna be labels and websites try and copy our style, colors, or domain. The main source for anti war music for your hip hop podcasts is Realityhiphop.com.



Realityhiphop.com has been around since 2003. One of the longest running websites dedicated to underground hip hop music, political commentary, and mainstream urban culture.

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